5th meeting in Piraeus

The 5th partners meeting of KSMOR project took place on 27-28 November 2018 in Piraeus, Greece.

Participants in the meeting were Christine Willems (HE Vinci), Jana Wichsova (UPA), Erja Tengvall (SUAS), David Pasteau (France), Anne Gerin (UNAIBODE), Xenia Chronopoulou (IDEC), Sofia Spiliotopoulou (IDEC SA), Ioannis Koutelekos (GORNA) and Dimitris Poulis (GORNA).

All the participant countries have piloted the online tool that allows nurses to self-evaluate their skills and knowledge related to their everyday tasks in the operating room. IDEC collected feedback from 16 hospitals and 31 nurses/ head nurses and number of participants for the focus group was 10 nurses/head nurses, with mix of public, private, military with different specialisations. UPA collected feedback from 3 hospitals and 52 nurses/ head nurses (fogus group 4 nurses) and SUAS collected feedback from 20 graduate nurse students after 7-10 weeks practice period in coronary and hematological surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and traumatology, gastroenterology and plastic surgery – operating rooms. HE Vinci collected feedback from 4 hospitals and 40 nurses/head nurses/students (fogus groub 12 students).

Summary of the Fogus Groups comments: