SUAS thesis – abstract

The thesis “Operation room competence of graduating nursing students” is a part of the EU Key Skill Management in Operating Room Nursing (KSMOR) project.

The thesis aims to conduct research on how the education of nurses could be developed, and how the competence of nurses could be ensured. Students specialized in operating room nursing and their instructors participated in the research project. The study results revealed that the nursing students assessed their skills more optimistically compared to their instructors´ assessments in eight fields while the instructors assessed the students’ skills more optimistically in three fields. The questionnaire was evaluated to be applicable for e.g. orientation or developing self-assessment. The questionnaire received negative feedback on its length and the content of the questions. Savonia University of Applied Sciences can utilize the study results to develop the teaching in operating room nursing. The results can show the employer which qualifications the graduating nurses have in surgical nursing. This can in turn help the employer target the training for nurses according to the development needs.

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